Summit Awards

Recognize the commitment of your Managers, Physicians, Nurses, Administrators, Service Excellence Council, and more. These awards are open to healthcare facilities participating in the Service Excellence Initiative™.

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Summit Awards Planning Guide

A step-by-step guide in helping to make perfect nomination forms. Download, print, and review the guide. Summit Awards Planning Guide

Review the Nomination Forms for planning Nomination Forms PDF

Download this printable Poster "Call for Nominations" Poster

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Online Nomination Forms

Individual Awards 2017

i 1    Service Excellence Advisor 1st Year I1

i 2    Service Excellence Mentor I2

i 3    Exceptional Nurse I3

i 4    Exceptional Employee I4

i 5    Empowering Manager I5

i 6    Customer Focused Physician/Provider I6

Team Awards 2017

t 7    Service Excellence Advisor Team T7

t 8    OASIS Team T8

t 9    DO IT Improvement of the Year T9

Leadership Awards 2017

l 10   Super Coach L10

l 11   Service Excellence Program Director L11

l 12   Service Excellence Council L12

l 13   Inspiring Administrator L13

l 14   Patient Driven Board L14

Organization Awards 2017

o 15   The Medical Clinic of Choice O15

o 16   Hospital Provider of Choice O16